It operates nearly 3,000 stores in total across the United States.

In Alaska, the largest employer, the Providence Health & Services network of hospitals, employs around 4,000 people. Kroger is the largest grocery store and the second largest consumer retail outlet on the list. It operates nearly 3,000 stores in total across the United States. Founded in Cincinnati by Bernard Kroger, the chain expanded its reach by acquiring existing grocery chains in other parts of the country. Retailers Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded the business after being ousted from the management of a California home improvement retail chain.

top employers in us

John Geisse, who worked for Dayton in the 1960s, is credited with developing the “upscale discount” department store concept that is part of the brand’s appeal. Since then, the store has become the eighth-largest retailer in the US. The Jeff Bezos, “How I became a dot-com millionaire” story is a cliché now. He started in a garage and within a few years he was a millionaire. The catch with Bezos’ story is that he is now the richest man in the world with a company that is one of the largest in employees and revenue in the world.

The World’s Largest Employers

Formerly known as Triton Global Restaurants, Inc the Yum Brands or simply Yum is an American company founded in 1997. Yum features some worldwide fast-food chain restaurants such as Wingstreet, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Before 2011, Yum owned A&W Restaurants and Long John Silver’s. Yum was the 11th largest private company in the US with 303,405 employees in 2015. The company has headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky and is also one of the largest fast food restaurants in the world with 42,692 restaurants. Most of the “Top 10 Private American Employers”, as highlighted on the Forbes list of the largest private companies, are also service-oriented businesses, just like the list of large publicly-held companies. Four of the top ten private companies are grocery stores, with another four providing business and consumer services such as accounting, car rentals and cable television.

top employers in us

To learn more about employment opportunities at the Postal Service, visit usps.com/careers. In some cases, the employment count of a hospital network primarily located in a state included a small portion of out-of-state employees. If the network was determined to be mostly in-state, we kept the total employment figure when a state-specific employment count could uss express remote work review not be determined. In those cases and some others, the values included are listed as estimates. Top 10 Employers in the United States

No 5 United Parcel Service

But despite the company’s research accomplishments, IBM is still sensitive to its bottom https://opera-fr.com/uss-express-delivery-employer-reliable-review-and-testimonials.html line. Earlier this year the company cut more than 3,300 jobs in the United States.

  • Michael Klazema is Chief Marketing Technologist at EY-VODW.com and has over two decades of experience in digital consulting, online product management, and technology innovation.
  • Walmart also led the ranking of companies by revenue in 2019, with a total revenue of about 524 billion U.S. dollars.
  • The workers were also asked to evaluate other companies in their respective industries that stood out to them either positively or negatively.
  • One thing that they all share in common is that they need people.
  • Whether you are seeking a job or running a business and wondering what the biggest competitors in your industry are doing, it can be instructive to look at the characteristics of the ten most massive U.S. employers.

AT&TThe media and telecom company offers free courses in business basics to help people move into management positions along with technology and leadership training. In addition to offering tuition assistance, AT&T has partnered with outside educational institutions to help employees develop science, technology, engineering and math skills. Perhaps the most iconic fast food restaurant in the world, McDonald’s has more than 37,000 locations worldwide. More than 14,000 of those restaurants are http://www.logisticsinc.com/ in the United States, where McDonald’s was founded in the 1940s and where its headquarters remains today. While Subway has more store locations, McDonald’s stands as the world’s largest restaurant chain regarding revenue. Yum! Brands is the collective name given to the company that operates American fast food restaurants Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and WingStreet. Yum! Brands is based in Louisville, Kentucky, but has restaurants located in 135 countries and territories throughout the world.

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