Our Vision:

To be an international center of education excellence, dedicated to providing our students learning experiences that will enrich them for life.

Our Mission:

  • To provide quality education and internationally recognized programs.
  • To offer a full-fledged world-class campus complete with residential and recreational facilities.
  • To produce employable all-rounded graduates who are professionally competent, and socially confident.
  • The ICCPAIA’s long-term goals are centered on recognition and expansion, and the goals we set are being realized. In PAKISTAN, our recognition, as a Recognized Qualifying Body and now with Ofqual, demonstrates our commitment to professionalism and our determination to succeed; but education in the professions is highly competitive, and we undertake a great deal of work, often behind closed doors, to ensure that our members are granted a recognized qualification and the continued career development to be the best.
  • ICCPAIA members work throughout the full spectrum of the accountancy profession, across many countries and jurisdictions and it is the ICCPAIA’s role to offer education and tailored support across the full breadth of these areas; something we consider that we do very well.
  • This is a very exciting time for the ICCPAIA membership. We are seeing new relationships and developments coming to fruition, which will have a direct impact on our growth targets both in PAKISTAN and worldwide. With the introduction of a strong new brand, we will consolidate our position as a leading body of world class accountants.
  • Even in the current climate of economic uncertainty, the ICCPAIA has experienced moderate growth in the number of members and students and we work towards further growth as we see the outcomes of further recognition and new partnerships.

This is to ensure greater access to the profession, in line with PAKISTAN initiatives for social mobility, and to this end, the ICCPAIA will strive to ensure that learning is open, accessible and affordable.