The Institute of Certified Commercial Professional Accountants and Internal Auditors of Pakistan (ICCPAIA) is an international Professional Accountancy body for all Certified Commercial and Professional Accountants, Internal Auditor and Management Auditors. The Institute was formed for the specific purpose of providing National and International Organization for Certified Professional  and Commercial Accountants, Internal Auditors and Management Auditors, and also to foster interest in the national aspect of public accountancy equivalent to internationally accepted standards.

The governing body of the Institute is its ‘Council of Executive Members.’ The ICCPAIA Council is assembled to represent the accountancy profession, fields of expertise and countries of operation. The Council is effectively the Institute’s ‘Governing Body and Board of Trustees’ and is responsible for determining policy and for management of the business of the Institute. The Council is lead by the President/Chairman. The Chief Executive, who is responsible for the operation of the organization, controls the secretariat of the Institute.

The Association of Financial and Management Accountants 0f Nigeria (AFMAN) is one of the recognized qualifying bodies in Nigeria for company auditors like Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN), Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (CICMA) and Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants (ICCA).

The Institute represents members and students in all the major cities of Pakistan and abroad, providing qualifications for those willing to work in Commercial and Professional Accountancy, Internal Audit and Management Audit and Continuous Professional Development for qualified Certified Commercial Professional Accountants (CCPA’s), Certified Professional Internal Auditors (CPIA) and Certified Professional Management Auditors (CPMA). The Institute sets ethical and technical standards for all their members.

The Institute promotes and supports the advancement of the accountancy and auditing profession both in Pakistan and overseas. It also supports International Accounting and Auditing Standards (IAAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The ICCPAIA ensures that its examinations and membership requirements support the development of the accountancy profession in the countries in which it examines. Our students and members promote awareness of developments in accountancy. Seminars and conferences on matters of current and future concern to the accountancy profession are arranged from time to time. The high standard of the ICCPAIA professional qualification is maintained by the independent and external moderation of the examinations.

Join ICCPAIA, the respected and most highly recognized Accountancy body, you will be trained as a Certified Commercial Professional Accountant (CCPA), Certified Professional Internal Auditor (CPIA) and Certified Professional Management Auditors (CPMA), and you are sure of better job when you qualify as a CCPA, CPIA & CPMA.